About Our Material

The Shepherd’s Voice exists to partner with local churches and individuals in making and developing disciples of Jesus. Because of this, the material on this site is free. No donations or charge will ever be asked or accepted for access to the material.

Individuals and churches are free to access and use any material on the website, with the following understandings:

  • The material may be copied and distributed, free of charge. We believe it is inappropriate to charge for material related to the gospel. This includes the idea of a “suggested donation” for access to the material.
  • Any copyright notices on the material must be distributed along with the material. The copyright notice serves simply as a statement that the material, while free, is not “public domain.”
  • The material must not be edited or altered; it must be distributed in its original form. If edits or changes are needed, please contact The Shepherd’s Voice, using the email address or contact form on the home page.

If you as an individual have trouble accessing or reading the material, please contact The Shepherd’s Voice (contact information on the home page) to see how we can assist you.